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MIOGE 2017 Technical Programme preview

With Russian oil and gas production hitting record levels last year, getting the right technology into the industry is more vital than ever. But much of the equipment in use in Russia needs an upgrade – or complete overhaul. 

Add in the fact that the share of unconventional resources in Russia’s energy mix is rising by the year, and the situation is clear – Russia needs new ideas, new equipment, and new technologies in its oil and gas sector.

This is where the new MIOGE Technical programme comes in. Held for the first time ever at this year’s MIOGE, it will offer four days of seminars, showcases and presentations that get right to the technical details. Speakers will be a mix of commercial companies showcasing their new developments, academics and university staff talking about the scientific aspects of oil and gas E&P, research institute directors, and more.

The three sections of the programme are as follows:

Hall 1 – Education and Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry/Oil & Gas Exploration

This hall is split between two quite varied subjects. On the first day it will host a Special Event called ‘The role of women in business trends and prospects’, sponsored by Ernst & Young – highlighting how the oil and gas industry makes the most of the skills and talents of the entire Russian population, not just half of it. Other sessions include a conference on geo-mechanical modeling of hydrocarbon deposits, held with the support of the Euro-Asian Geophysical Society, a geostatistics training course held with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, and a range of other exploration-focused technical sessions.

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Hall 2 – Development of Oil & Gas Fields

Hall 2 is pure field development – production, flow modelling, well protection, drilling technologies, and much more. Speakers include Valery Bessel, Executive Vice-President of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil & Gas, the head of Lukoil’s well bracing department Rustem Nafikov, Halliburton’s technical manager for Western Siberia Oleg Mironov, SPE Regional Director Anton Ablaev, and many other high-level speakers from Schlumberger, Gazprom, Lukoil, IBM, NewTech Services, and more.

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Hall 3 – Transportation and storage/PR and Communications in the Oil & Gas Industry

Finally, Hall 3 looks at midstream and downstream – four days of seminars, presentations and workshops dedicated to transportation and storage of oil, gas, and oil products. The first day sees three seminars held with Transneft (Russia’s state run pipeline company) and OMK on pipeline trends, safety and construction. The other sessions cover everything from Russia’s LNG projects to refining and petrochemicals, with speakers from Russia’s Ministry of Energy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Energy Agency, Yokogawa Electric, and more.
On the final day Hall 3 shifts its focus to PR and communications in oil and gas, looking at the information revolution, modern trends in communication policies, Big Data and more. 

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There’s something for everyone – so take a look at the full programme to find your session. Entrance to the sessions of the Technical Programme is free for all MIOGE 2017 visitors – download your e-ticket here.

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